Where did that zombie come from?

The other night we were watching the season premiere of The Walking Dead and I realized something – I always get distracted by the zombies story.

One of my favorite sequences was at the tractor yard. Glen  and the two guys from Alexandria have to clean out the building to quiet the zombies inside. Once they have dealt with the zombies in the building and are turning to leave the screen show a tractor with a (formerly) female zombie pinned under an attachment on the back. It looks like a lawn mower attachment but it doesn’t really matter.

How did she get there? Seriously I am obsessed. Did she get trapped while she was alive and that’s how she turned? If so, even in the zombie apocalypse what the hell was going on that a woman can get trapped under a lawnmower attachment?  I don’t think it’s physically possible to trap yourself so someone else had to have been there with her. So these two went out tractor shopping during the zombie apocalypse and oops, sorry honey I dropped the mower implement on both your legs. It’s just crazy.

If she got trapped after she turn into a zombie who thought that was effective? Yeah I’m gonna use the tractor with a mower attachment to go kill one zombie. I’ll back into her and carefully lower the deck to make sure she gets stuck. Then I’ll shut down the tractor and hop off and leave her there. If you’re going to back over a zombie with a mower, turn the mower on, and let it fly. You hop off while it’s running and if you’re lucky it takes out another two or three walkers.

It’s definitely not that I don’t believe a zombie could be there. It seems like as good a place as any, but I want to know her story. I want to know how in the moment it wound up perfectly logical for this woman to be trapped under the mower attachment of a tractor.

Are there any zombies that have grabbed your interest? They’re dead, why are they so damn fascinating?

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