Evacuation – Book 2

The virus that wiped out most of the human race is adapting to defeat the vaccine and kill the survivors. There is a government response protocol but it will kill them too, it involves a nuclear winter. The NASA scientists believe they can leave Earth and achieve faster than light travel, but Seamus doesn’t want to slog through space. He knows that to survive they need to go somewhere fast. To save them all he needs to invent a warp drive and evacuate the planet.

It has been seven months since the apocalypse hit and killed almost the entire human race. Seamus and the other survivors have fallen into a comfortable routine at their new home in Northern California, but there’s a problem. The Crenshaw’s are hiding something. They want Seamus to help them with a solar sail that will make it possible for faster than light travel. With dwindling supplies survivors need to focus on food and water, not space travel. Seamus feels like he owes them but there is something wrong with how important this is to them. Finally refusing to work on their project the scope of their predicament becomes clear. He must come up with a way to not just leave Earth, but go somewhere.

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