Confrontation – Book 4

Their colony iconfrontation_covers strong and the population is growing, but the refugees from Earth are not alone. Confrontation Book 4 of The Seamus Chronicles.

Locus is not an ideal planet for human survival but thanks to Seamus’s containment field and its ability to protect them from the deadly radiation the humans are thriving. They have built houses, established a productive garden and are having children. Life is becoming routine for the first time since the apocalypse that wiped out most of the human race. Seamus fears that the human race no longer needs him and wonders about the value of a physics genius in an agrarian society.

Seamus and Sofie have fallen into a rut and their relationship is being tested by the joy and affection of the other couples. Communication continues to be a problem for Seamus though he has matured since leaving Earth. Routine is shattered when a huge six-legged creature enters the village. The being towers over the humans and exhibits tremendous strength as it destroys the central cabin. The team from McMurdo insists on an offensive, strength based response while the Robinson’s plead for diplomacy.


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