The last elf chart

Justin's Elf Chart

Justin’s Elf Chart

When I was little, in the 1970’s, my family started a tradition we call elf charts. I know my mom got the idea from someone else, but it’s basically a home made advent calendar. If you’re nice, the elves visit while you’re sleeping and give you a sticker. If your naughty, no sticker.

When my kids were old enough we started the elf chart tradition in our house. Some years go better than others and there have been plenty of mornings (like after a Christmas party) when the elf wished there was no chart or that the kids would some how forget to check for their sticker.

Now that my youngest is a suspicious eleven year old and the older two are world wise eleven and twelve year olds I think we are in the midst of our last elf chart. Like so many things, it’s finally easy, just before we stop.

I know others have gone through it but it’s an interesting change for me. Going from the magic of christmas and all the potential to ask Santa for ANYTHING to a season where time off from commitments and schedules or spending time at home as a family are the real gifts, even in the kids eyes.

I’m going to miss the commitment of the elf and the daily surprise of finding a sticker when they knew it was probably a close call.

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