Promo’s & Projects Wednesday 2/10

I was hoping to post a promo’s and projects update every Tuesday but with my daughter laid up with Bronchitis and me having a nasty head cold productivty was impacted. We’re both feeling better today so here’s a quick update.


  • Friday 2/12 ~ The MZS Series is #FREE you can get each book individually or all 4 in one bundle with MZS: North East
  •  Any day ~ Most of my stories are available for #FREE with Kindle Unlimited so if you subscribe to that service you can check out everything but Annihilation and The Seamus Chronicles box set at no additional charge

I just renewed my books with the Kindle Unlimited program and will be coming up with more promotions in the next few weeks. In the future I’ll plan to have one book available for a couple of days in a row in case you miss the first day. Also with the coming launch of Harbinger Hawk Dylan Cold Book 3 I’ll have all of those stories available for free soon, so keep an eye out.


The head cold I mentioned above has had some impact, but I’ve continued to pound out the words. Here’s a status on what I’m working on.

  • Deceptive Practices Dylan Cold 5 reached 15,400 words this week. I like the way the story is going and as my head clears I hope to pick up the pace with the writing.
  • MZS: Minneapolis a new Metropolitan Zombie Survivors story just went to my favorite beta reader. It was mostly done for a long time, but I took the couple of hours needed to wrap it up and send it to her.
  • Website makeover is coming. I’m cleaning up the site so blog content can easily be found from the home page and to make it easier for readers to find the free stories I am going to be sharing.

As always, if you have any questions about what’s happening or what’s coming up let me know, I love to talk about my stories!


Promos & Projects Tuesday 2/2

I looked down at my calendar today and realized that I have a variety of promotions happening over the next three weeks. Now that I have more than 10 books published it seems like one of them is free or on sale every week, plus a couple have some #FREE days I need to use before they expire so next week is chock full of deals.  Here’s the list of promo’s for the coming week:


With the long cold days of winter and the kids in school from 8-2:30 I have plenty of time to write. I’ve been busy and here are some of the projects I’m working on:

  • Harbinger Hawk Dylan Cold Book 3 – At 63,810 words I finished this book as part of NaNoWriMo in November. I’m just completing another pass through it and should have it sent off for line edits by the end of the week, thats my final step before publishing so I hope to release it by the end of February.
  • Exotic Husbandry Dylan Cold Book 4 – At 56,245 words this book just finished it’s first draft. I still have to go through it a few times and make revisions but the bulk of the work is done. We should see this one in March.
  • Deceptive Practice Dylan Cold Book 5 – I finished my outline and plan for this book this weekend. I started writing Monday and I’m at 5319 words. My goal for this one is 60,000 words and I expect to have it done around February 23 for publishing in April.

As always if you are interested in beta reading any of my work or receiving an advanced reader copy (ARC) send me an email and I would be happy to share.