What I’m working on 10/5/2016

365 Days Blogging – 4 of 365
Handstand Push-up’s – Worked on 5 Tibetans (got to 13 reps)
Dinner with friends – 0 of 12
Words of Fiction written – 659

Hopefully some of you are here to find out more about my books. Summer was a little rough in terms of creating new content, but I did get some things written and you should start seeing new books soon.

As far as what I’m writing right now, that words of fiction counter up top reflects new words in the 6th Dylan Cold novel, titled Frayed Shorts. The 659 words today pushed the manuscript past the 10,000 word mark and things are really starting to flow.

In Frayed Shorts, Dylan has left the Brookford Police Department and is trying to make a go of things farming with Abbey. Unfortunately his good friend Betty, from the police station, gets herself in serious trouble trying to help her nephew Luke. The young man was working on a charter boat in the Caribbean when he overheard some clients talking about stock market transaction. He overplayed his hand and while the men manipulating the securities can survive without the millions they cannot afford the scrutiny Luke has brought to their business practices.

This story is getting Dylan out of New Hampshire and expanding the world where his skills are needed.  There will be some jetsetting and plenty of action to keep the pages turning.

The release of Book 4 of the Dylan Cold series, Exotic Husbandry, is getting closer everyday. I’m trying to learn more while I go through the feedback from my editor. Every time I send her a manuscript I think it’s perfect, but when it comes back there are corrections on almost every page.

If you’re ever interested in beta reading or having me talk to you or your book club about my stories please let me know. I love talking about my stories and my writing process.