Super hang over

I was planning to do an update post today and let you know about the project I’m working on (Vapor Day a Stewards of Humanity origin story) but I’m feeling a little banged up after the Patriots big win last night.

Image courtesy of Serge Esteve via Unsplash


When the Patriots were losing 28-3 I had my first glass of wine. I promised that if they lost I would go to bed sober and get up ready to work. After Hightower stripped the ball, I had another glass because I knew things were about to get exciting.

After that well, let’s just say there is more than one empty wine bottle in the recycling bin today.

So the good news is that I’m about 20,000 words into Vapor Day. Not quite half way but it’s coming along nicely. It’s a little more timely than I originally planned, but sadly I was working on a dystopian story and I think the times have changed a little more than my idea. I think you’re going to like the two main characters. They’re real and they struggle with flaws and aspirations.

I’ll share more on Friday, but for now, I want to thank Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for an entertaining football game last night and congratulate them on another championship!

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