Replacing a door

365 Days Blogging – 5 of 365
Handstand Push-up’s – Replaced a (heavy) exterior door
Dinner with friends – 0 of 12
Words of Fiction written – 290

I spent most of today replacing an exterior door. The door is on the shady side of the house and is perpetually damp. The bottom and weather seal rotted and eventually fell off. I bought a new steel door and planned for about a 5 hour job.

Five and a half hours later I had the old door removed and the new one in place. I did not have the time to install the trim or do any finish work.

Our house was built in the 1880’s and renovated in the 1990’s by a previous owner. The renovation was good but there aren’t many straight walls or square openings. Getting the new door installed and opening right required lots of dry fitting, shimming, trimming and adjusting. It was a trial of patience more than grueling physical labor.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle most of the finish work and probably paint next week.

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