Exotic Husbandry

Exotic HusbandryIt feels like the rich are taking advantage of everyone, and Brookford is not the farm town it used to be. A severed foot and an exotic animal force Dylan Cold to reconsider leaving to join the FBI and reach closure with Abbey Holt.

When a severed human foot is discovered by two boys Dylan knows the town needs him for one more case. After he meets Demetria Stoyovich, a mysterious Marquise from Moldova, and is forced to kill an out of place jaguar he thinks the severed foot case will be easily closed. During dissection the medical examiner finds that the jaguar is pregnant, with sabertooth tiger cubs. There is no link between the big cat and the foot, but he soon finds himself chasing ligers, zebra’s and an alligator through the orchards, woods, and ponds of Brookford. At every turn Abbey is there to help until Dylan realizes that he doesn’t need to look beyond Brookford for answers.


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