Debutantes and the undead

Are you excited about the season premiere of The Walking Dead? I am. My two favorite shows right now are Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead.  On the surface it’s an odd combination but both stories have what I consider interesting parallels.

While the pace of change for the Crawley family is slower than that for Rick and his family it is still significant. Both shows thrust the main characters into a changed world and watch them react.

As a trained police officer Rick should be helping everyone. Instead he’s making decisions on peoples viability to join  his group based on how many they have killed. We’ve watched him evolve and struggle with this new role and now as season 6 approaches we have to wonder if he is going to go overboard.

Lady Mary was raised to attend a coming out ball and marry a noble land owner, at or above her current station. One could imagine that her destiny was to while away her days at luncheons and balls. Instead she has stepped up to actively run the family estate. She’s struggling to understand rents, head of sheep and cash flow. All things her father prefer she not worry about but that she proves quite skilled in mastering.

Obviously the zombies are terrifying and deadly but we’ve all gotten used to the hissing surprise of an unexpected biter. What I’m watching to see is if Rick is going to make another decision that pushes him further away from the peace officer he was.

Lady Mary losing the family estate is far less frightening but not without suspense. What I’m watching for is to see if she’ll continue to be Lady Mary even when that concept has fallen out of fashion or will she become Mrs. Crawley the polar opposite of her gilded upbringing.

Do you like any odd combinations of TV shows?

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