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Have you discovered Bite-sized stories? Short, but complete stories you can start and finish while you wait just about anywhere.

With kids in grades 6, 7 and 8 I often feel like I am not a stay at home dad as much as an in the car dad. I do a lot of chauffeuring and that means I also do a lot of waiting. If you have kids you know the kind of waiting I’m talking about, it can range anywhere from them standing outside indignantly and jumping in the car before I’m even at a full stop to having to text them 3 times over fifteen minutes that I’m out front waiting for them. As a result I have found myself reading on my phone, a lot.

When you’re waiting and reading on your phone it can be tough. If you are involved in a great story and the kids come out you want to finish the chapter before you start driving. The other parents waiting behind you are in the same boat as you and would prefer that you finish reading somewhere else. You drive off feeling interrupted and incomplete.

The solution? Bite-sized Stories: A Multi-Genre Flash Fiction Anthology.  This anthology offers 33 stories from a variety of authors across several genres. When you have a stolen moment, it allows you to read something quick and potentially discover a new favorite author. Best of all, it’s FREE. Click on the cover and download your copy today.


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