Become a Steward of Humanity

Each of us are individually more empowered than anytime in human history. Use that power to become a Steward of Humanity, a positive guide to the future.

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In the next 5 to 10 years there will be more autonomous self-directed entities (ASE’s) on Earth than there are humans. These interconnected devices will profoundly impact the human species in a way not experienced since we started painting hands on cave walls.

Between delivery drones, self driving cars, robotic household helpers and the software and applications that run them, dramatic change is coming in all areas of our lives.

Artificial intelligence #AI, human computer interfaces #HCI and off-Earth colonization are not future concepts, they are here today and already touch many of us.

The science fiction author in me imagines some scary scenarios. But in my worlds’ the technology is not what we need to worry about. The biggest threat is a small group of selfish humans misusing technology for their own short term gain.

One way to prevent nightmare scenarios is for each of us to be aware of what the technology can and cannot do.  And advocate for its positive use.

The optimist in me see’s  a global population of good people. We will take advantage of the technology to help our entire species unite, grow, and thrive. Just like the ASE’s, humans are better connected than ever before. We don’t need to rely on a handful of talking heads to tell us what is happening in the world. Millions of people create, share and learn new things every day.

A steward of humanity is one who supports, promotes and protects  the whole of the human species. A steward of humanity positively recognizes and promotes the requirements for our species survival namely – habitat, community, and the ability to adapt.

These should be self-explanatory but below are a few thoughts. If you want to learn more, do some research. Gaining access to knowledge and information is easier than ever. Reading and thinking are two of the best ways to take positive action for our species.

Habitat – There is only one planet we know of that can support human life. For our species to survive we must protect this precious resource while we seek out new ways to live without it. Off Earth colonization efforts do not replace the need to address climate change, pollution or environmentally negligent practices. Find ways to eliminate poisons and waste from the way we live and there will be a much better chance of surviving off the Earth, and on it.

Community – How the species interacts with itself. This includes language, rules for engagement and shared goal of survival. Community can be defined as — “The continuities and discontinuities of social meaning of a life held in common.” – Paul James in Urban Sustainability in theory and practice: Circles of sustainability. If you want to live on your own with no human contact it’s possible, go ahead. However if you enjoy watching movies, eating out, playing video games or any other modern convenience you need a community.

Adaptability – Change is the only constant. Surrounding yourself with people just like you makes it tough to adapt to change. When you encourage and support a diverse population you are preparing to accept change. We don’t know if the next massive change will  be the climate, an economic disruption from ubiquitous free electricity or some other innovation that doesn’t exist yet. If you put up walls and close your mind to different ideas you are bound to be blindsided by the next change.

Become a Steward of Humanity and shepherd our species to the next great stage of existence. Fiercely protect our habitat while we look to extend it, strengthen our global culture and embrace the differences that give us hope for a future.

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