K. D. McAdams writes primarily science fiction but has dabbled with thrillers and horror stories as well. His first series, The Seamus Chronicles, spans 6 books following a teen genius and his family from the apocalypse into the stars. His horror series, Metropolitan Zombie Survivors watches unlikely survivors struggle to escape major cities overrun with Zombies. His 6 book thriller series, featuring Dylan Cold, is set in Southern New Hampshire where his small farm town is anything but quiet.

K. D.’s works can be found on all major eBook platforms with select titles also available in print. When not writing, revising or reading a book he can be found tending the chickens, working in the yard or providing taxi services for his three children.

I love to talk with Book Clubs, Schools and writing groups about my experiences as a writer and author publisher. I am available to attend live events in Southern New Hampshire and globally through Skype and Google Hangouts.  To arrange to have me talk with your group just send me an email kd@kd-mcadams.com

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