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The week ahead 7/11

I love to procrastinate and I think I’m pretty good at it, but something went wrong today.

August 1 is a Monday, the first of the month and the first day of the work week, a perfect pairing to start a new habit. But on Saturday I sent Exotic Husbandry, the fourth Dylan Cold book, to my editor which means that today, a Monday, I’m kind of ready to start something new.

So here it is, for readers waiting for the next story and aspiring writers who wonder about others writing process, this is a summary of my plans for the week ahead.

  1.  Word count – 7500 words for the week, on Deceptive Practices Dylan Cold book 5. This is low, but after a few weeks of heavy revisions on Exotic Husbandry, my writing practice is a little off so I need to start building it back up.
  2.  Format and upload The Seamus Chronicles to Kobo, iTunes, and Google. These books are no longer exclusive to Amazon and I need to make sure they are available and looking good on other platforms.
  3. Document my process for tracking income. With Amazon being my single source of book sales, tracking was pretty straight forward, though getting more involved with every new book. Now that I am selling on other platforms I need to make sure I understand what’s working.
  4. 2,000 words of flash fiction. There is an indie anthology in the works over on Kboards and I am submitting 2 stories of 1,000 words. The first one is written and getting line edited, the second one is percolating in my brain pan.